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  • Morning ZUMBAMorning ZUMBA - 10/17/2018 - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AMDitch the workout...Join the PARTY!  Join us for ZUMBA every Monday and Wednesday morning from 8-9:00am!  Cost is $4. Led by Tiffani Long.
  • MOJO FitnessMOJO Fitness - 10/17/2018 - 8:30 AM to 9:30 AMJoey Grubbs is not only a fitness instructor/trainer, but also a life coach and ordained minister. His class, MOJO Fitness, meets every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30am and every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15am. MOJO Fitness is a cardio/weight training class and is adaptable to any fitness level.  Class is $5.00.  Joey is also available for one-on-one personal training sessions.  
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten classesPre-K and Kindergarten classes - 10/17/2018 - 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Preschool classesPreschool classes - 10/17/2018 - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Spanish ConversationSpanish Conversation - 10/17/2018 - 10:00 AMLearn Spanish!  Class is free!  
  • That the World May KnowThat the World May Know - 10/17/2018 - 10:00 AM to 11:30 AMled by Bruce Mason For more information contact Debby Stikes,
  • After School Guitar LessonsAfter School Guitar Lessons - 10/17/2018 - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PMCall 678-688-3858 today to set up your appointment!  Lessons led by local singer and songwriter, Anne Stansell.
  • Wednesday Night SupperWednesday Night Supper - 10/17/2018 - 5:45 PM to 6:30 PMAdults: $5.00 Children ages 3-Sixth Grade: $3.00 2 and under: Fee Reservations are required. Call the church office at 770.228.3020 to RSVP.
  • ARISE!ARISE! - 10/17/2018 - 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Bible Study: The Epic of EdenBible Study: The Epic of Eden - 10/17/2018 - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM  The Old Testament of the Bible can feel like a junk drawer – a disorganized collection of important stuff we don’t want to lose yet don’t know what to do with.  From the Pentateuch to patriarchs and from kings to prophets, it can feel like a puzzle we’ve tried to put together but wind up putting it back in the box because it’s too complicated.  This twelve-week study will explore the Old Testament which will lead to fresh New Testament faith.  Debby Stikes will lead this study.  It will begin Wednesday, September 5, and will end Wednesday, December 5.  (6:30 p.m., Stephen Ministry room)  A donation of $20 would be accepted.  
  • Chase the Lion: Stepping Confidently Into the UnknownChase the Lion: Stepping Confidently Into the Unknown - 10/17/2018 - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM  Chase the Lion:  Stepping Confidently Into the Unknown   Inspired by a fearless warrior named Benaiah (2 Samuel 23:20) who changed the course of his future by winning a battle with a real lion, this eight-week study examines biblical and modern-day examples of people who were willing to put everything on the line, take risks, seize opportunities, face fears, embrace uncertainty, and look foolish when it comes to chasing after God-given opportunities.  Our current Christian culture doesn’t usually encourage sensible people to chase after risky opportunities and dreams.  We want to believe that if it’s a good decision, it will always feel safe because that’s the way God wants life to be.  But what if you discovered that the fulfilling life God wants for you is hiding behind a present problem, a past failure, or a lifelong fear?  Rev. Andrew Covington will lead this study.  It will begin Wednesday, August 22, and end Wednesday, October 24.  (6:30 p.m., Journey Classroom)  A $10 donation would be accepted.  
  • Chancel Choir RehearsalChancel Choir Rehearsal - 10/17/2018 - 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Wedding Policies

We are pleased that you have chosen Griffin First United Methodist Church for your Christian wedding.  We will try to do everything possible to make this the joyful, Christian experience it should be. 

The following guidelines and policies are designed to aid and facilitate making this a happy and memorable occasion for all concerned.  There are certain church policies which must be strictly followed – no exceptions. 

It is the bride’s responsibility to become familiar with these policies and see that they are observed by the wedding party, florist, photographers and musicians.  THESE POLICIES CANNOT BE CHANGED ON THE WEDDING DAY BECAUSE THE BRIDE DID NOT CONSIDER THEM IN HER PLANS. 

Our church, through its Worship Committee, has organized a Wedding Committee.  The people on this committee have been trained and are there to help you make this day a very memorable one.  Shortly after you make your wedding arrangements with the church, a member of this committee will call you.  This person will be your Wedding Director.  If you have chosen a commercial bridal consultant, it is understood that the bridal consultant will work within our church policies and with the Wedding Director from our church. 


All initial reservations for church facilities are to be made with the church office (770-228-3020).  Tentative dates may be cleared by phone, but to reserve a definite wedding date, a deposit of $200.00 must be made within one week of the phone conversation.  A copy of the Wedding and Reception Policies and Procedures will be furnished, as well as a wedding form that is to be returned with the deposit.   

Weddings are not permitted on Sundays and major holidays due to church programming.  There will be no weddings during Holy Week.  Sanctuary weddings during Advent must use the decorations already in place.  Nonmembers of Griffin First United Methodist Church may not schedule a wedding more than six months prior to the desired date. 

The wedding license is to be in the church office one week in advance of the wedding. 


Only Griffin First United Methodist ministers are allowed to perform weddings in the church.  A guest minister may assist with approval by our clergy staff.  The bride must furnish the name and address of the assisting minister.  All couples being married in the Sanctuary or Chapel are required to have one or more counseling sessions with the minister who is performing the service.  The sessions must be scheduled directly with the minister. 

The minister’s fee is listed under fees.  This fee is for services rendered for counseling, the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.  This fee will be included with the total money due to the church. 


It is strongly suggested that the bride engage the church organist.  If a guest organist is desired, the Director of Music must be contacted for approval of this person and the musical selections.  Arrangements of rehearsal time must also be made with the Director of Music.  Vocalists or instrumentalists must arrange rehearsal time with the organist. 


A wedding is a sacred service, and the music must be conducive to the worship of God.  It should be in keeping with the seriousness of the purpose, yet reflect the festiveness of the occasion.  Classical and contemporary selections should emphasize not only the love shared by the couple, but also the love that God has for them.  Secular love songs are more suitable for the reception following the service.  Taped or recorded music is discouraged. 


Rooms for the bridal party and groomsmen are available for the convenience of all members of the wedding party.  Your Wedding Director will show you these rooms.  The church, however, does not guarantee the security of these rooms and cautions all persons that it cannot be responsible for valuables left in these rooms.  All personal items should be removed and the rooms left clean. 


Care must be taken to protect all church property.  The following guidelines must be observed.  It is the responsibility of the bride to relay information to the proper individuals and to make sure people connected with the wedding abide by these regulations. 

  • No furniture or fixture may be moved or removed from the Sanctuary or Chapel.
  • The church has a kneeler and two seven branch candelabras.  Lighters are also available.  Scheduled use of these items must be made with the Wedding Director.  
  • All candles must be mechanical.  Mechanical candles are available from the church at no charge.  Candelabras and candles may only be used inside the chancel rail.  No extra candles may be placed on the altar.  If you wish to use a Unity Candle, you will need to rent this from your florist.  Unity candleholders must use mechanical candles.
  • No nails, tacks, staples or tape may be used to attach decorations to the walls, floors, pews, woodwork, furniture or doors.  
  • Live arrangements may be placed on the altar table in the Sanctuary or under the cross in the Chapel.  The height limit is 36 inches for the Sanctuary and 18 inches for the Chapel.  Artificial flowers are strongly discouraged.
  • All decorations must be in place two hours prior to the ceremony and removed immediately following the ceremony.  You and your florist are responsible for removing all decorations from the church.  If your reception is at another location, the decorations must be removed before you leave for the reception.  It is a good idea to assign this task to a close family member or friend.  If the altar arrangement is to be used for the Sunday morning worship, it may stay in place.
  • The Flower Girl may not drop live flower petals in the sanctuary.  Silk or any other material is allowed.
  • Seasonal decorations placed by the Worship Committee may not be removed.

Please inform the photographer and friends that ample time will be allowed for the pictures before and after the ceremony.  It is a service of worship and NO FLASH PICTURES may be taken during the ceremony.  The photographer and equipment must not be visible, so that all attention is focused on the wedding party and the ceremony taking place. 


Video cameras may be operated from the balcony as long as excessive movement is not distracting.  Cameras on the main level must be stationary and must be completely hidden in the decorations.  Operators may not be visible.  Your Wedding Director can help you with good locations for this equipment. 


By order of the Fire Marshal, smoking is not permitted inside any of the church buildings. 

Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited on the church premises, including the church grounds and parking lot.  

Due to the hazard involved, rice, confetti, and fresh flower petals are prohibited from being thrown anywhere on the church premises.  Birdseed is permitted outside the buildings.   

Food and drink are to be confined to the reception area.  No food or drink is permitted in the Sanctuary or Chapel. 


Fees for weddings are charged in accordance with the following schedule for the use of the church facilities and personnel. 

In accordance with First United Methodist Church Trustees regulations, a six month membership is required in order for member fees to apply. 

As stated earlier, tentative dates may be cleared by phone, but to reserve a definite wedding date on the church calendar, a deposit of $200.00 must be made within one week of the phone conversation.  The deposit is refundable after the wedding if no damage has occurred to the church, or the church’s equipment, and the building is left clean.  The balance is due thirty days prior to the wedding date.  All checks for fees should be made to Griffin First United Methodist Church. 

A set-up sheet for receptions must be turned in to the Church at least two weeks prior to the wedding date. 

The bride is responsible for relaying all information regarding the wedding policies of the church to the proper individuals and to see that they are followed.


Minister: $150.00

Organist: $200.00

Sanctuary or Chapel: No Charge

Fellowship Hall: $50.00

Reception Room: $25.00

Kitchen Fee: $100.00

Use of Reception dishes (includes dishwashing): $25.00

Wedding Director: $100.00

Sexton Fees

   Wedding only: $30.00

   Wedding with rehearsal: $50.00 

   Wedding, rehearsal & reception: $65.00

Mandatory Janitor Fees

   Without reception: $100.00

   With reception: $150.00

A security deposit of $200 is required.


 Minister: $150.00

Organist: $200.00

Sanctuary: $600.00

Chapel: $200.00

Reception Room (under 125 people): $100.00

Fellowship Hall: $200.00Kitchen Fee: $100.00

Use of Reception Dishes  (includes dishwashing): $75.00

Wedding Director: $150.00

Sexton Fees:   Wedding only: $30.00 

   Wedding with rehearsal: $50.00  

   Wedding, rehearsal & reception: $65.00

Mandatory Janitor fees  

   Without reception: $100.00  

   With reception: $150.00 

A security deposit of $200 is required.

  • Tentatively schedule the wedding date on the church calendar.
  • Schedule minister for the wedding.
  • Return wedding form and deposit within one week of initial phone conversation.
  • Call Wedding Director and set up meeting time.
  • Schedule organist.
  • Contact Minister of Music.
  • Decide on appropriate personnel: Florist, Photographer/Videographer, Caterer, Guest Musician
  • Schedule pre-wedding counseling session with minister.
  • Pay balance of wedding fees 30 days prior to wedding date.
  • Wedding license to the church office one week prior to wedding date.